Eden Morolai gives his orders
Eden Morolai gives his ordersScreenshot

IDF Lieutenant Eden Morolai, from the Givati Brigade, radioed an unusual and emotional message to his soldiers today.

"This afternoon we will commemorate the death of Liel Gidoni, of blessed memory. Nine years ago, at the very end of Operation Protective Edge, just a few kilometers from our position in the Gaza region, three Givati soldiers fell in combat against terrorists in Rafiah - Benaya Sar-El, Hadar Goldin, whose body has still not been returned, and Liel Gidoni."

"Since then, his memory has accompanied me every step of my life, and I have always been present at his memorial service - except for today, when I am with you, for a shared goal in which we all have a part."

"In these days, when the state is torn in two, there is a place that remains above all controversy, and that is the place where we are now. In these last few days of our deployment, now more than ever, I ask that you all be alert and serious, and ready for anything that needs to be done."

"I will end with a statement that has over time become the last will and testament of Liel, and you may regard it as an order from me to you. 'Smile, because a smile is happiness, and happiness is the strength to continue.' I am proud of you for your work thus far, and once again ask that you not let up, because in our profession, there is no room for mistakes. May they rest in peace."