I felt deeply honored to have the Former Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, in the studio to speak about the complex relationship between the USA and Israel.

The conversation began with an in-depth analysis of Israel's President Isaac Herzog's speech at Congress, a momentous event that had garnered significant attention. Ambassador Oren provided invaluable insights into the implications of the speech on the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

However, it was the exploration of the USA-Israel complicated relationship that was even more significant. Having served as Israel's ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Oren's unique perspective illuminated the challenges and opportunities both countries face in maintaining a strong alliance. He emphasized the importance of mutual respect and understanding, underscoring how crucial it is for both nations to work together in addressing global issues.

Amidst our conversation about diplomacy and politics, Ambassador Oren opened up about the profound impact the Chabad movement had on his religious growth. He shared personal anecdotes about how Chabad teachings and traditions played a significant role in shaping his spiritual journey. It was touching to hear how, even though he never had the opportunity to meet the Rebbe, he still found inspiration and guidance from the movement.

The interview took an exciting turn when Ambassador Oren shared a glimpse of his latest book, "2048." He revealed that the idea for the book had emerged from conversations with Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) about the future of Israel. Intriguingly titled "2048," the book seemed to offer a visionary perspective on the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead for Israel, a country with a remarkable history and an uncertain future.