Reservists' press conference
Reservists' press conferenceTPS.

Approximately 10,000 reservists from 40 units announced Saturday evening their refusal to report for reserve service if the reduction of the reasonability standard is approved.

Th former commander of Israel's naval commando unit Shayetet 13, Nevo Erez, claimed that "the feeling is that coup laws are tearing the people apart, tearing the army apart. Military unity is disappearing. If this continues, we will continue without the IDF and without a home."

Eyal Neve, from the organization Brothers in Arms, said that "Abolishing the reasonability standard is not correcting the justice system. We pledged to serve the kingdom and not the king. We are determined, we are soldiers, we love this country, but we will not give it up. 75 years have prepared us to be ready to fight at a minute's notice, we never thought that we would keep the weapons to protect the borders. Changes are made with full consent. This is one of the difficult evenings of the State of Israel, but these are moments of distilled hope for the state."

Kan reports that starting Sunday, the IDF will hold talks with all soldiers in regular service on the subject of IDF cohesion, against the background of the declarations of refusal to serve.

The IDF says that if thousands of reservists stop reporting, the military's combat readiness will be harmed in the long term.