Security dog neutralizes a terrorist
Security dog neutralizes a terroristPhoto: IDU

The Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a nonprofit specializing in training and deploying security dogs, reports a significant increase in requests for security dogs for civilian security coordinators.

One such request comes from the village of Susya in the Hebron region. Amishav Feld, the village's deputy civilian security coordinator, commented: "The beginning of my journey with the IDU was four years ago. I have two dogs under the close supervision of the unit and intensive training that gives me the ability to operate together with the dogs in several areas."

"I function as Susya's nighttime patrolman as well as the deputy civilian security coordinator. At all hours of the day and at every alert, the dogs are with me and have alerted me to danger several times and acted as expected, which allows me to do my job in the best possible way. In addition, today the dogs are an integral part of the village's emergency department, in searching fields as well as entering houses."

"Besides being the patrolman of the village, I live with my family at the edge of the village and own a farm with a herd of approximately fifty head. The dogs go out with me to every pasture and have already acted accordingly several times to keep away Palestinian rioters and thwart attempted attacks. In several incidents of theft of flocks of sheep in Mount Hebron, the dogs were very helpful in locating the getaway route and more than once, in cooperation with the IDF, the flock was returned to its owner."

The IDU likewise reports an increase in requests for assistance from the IDF and Israel Police, seeking to add the IDU's working dogs and camera drones to various emergency responses. In one recent incident, IDU dogs were dispatched to a murder scene in the Jordan Valley, where a Jewish man was found stabbed to death.