Tali Gottlieb
Tali GottliebYonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Tali Gottlieb of the Likud said today (Wednesday) in an interview with Ynet that she thinks it is possible to replace all 161 pilots who signed a letter of refusal due to their opposition to the government's proposed legal reform.

"They have all their top guns out. Herzog went to the US to talk to Biden, pilots, lieutenant generals, the 'best of the best', as the 161 reserve pilots who are refusing to serve call themselves, are all chipping in. It doesn't impress me as such. I wouldn't keep them in the army for even a minute, wouldn't let them threaten me, or allow them to impose their conditions. There is no person who is irreplaceable," she was quoted as saying.

When asked who will replace them, she said: "Don't worry. Unlike of these dimwits, I say this with due caution because unlike of them, I will not release information that should not be released. My army does not rely on 161 or 1,600 (pilots). No one is irreplaceable, even the 161 officers. Let it be clear to you. In real time, every soldier in my army has a replacement, God willing. Let the Israelis and certainly our enemies know, because what these officers are doing is first of all harming Israel's element of deterrence. Shame on them!"

Regarding Air Force commander Tomer Bar's letter to his subordinates in which he calls on all soldiers to show up for army duty in order to "continue to provide the aerial umbrella for the security of the citizens of the country," she said: "It doesn't impress me."

"We are finally discovering the negativity in the depths of the deep state," pointed out the MK. "In the ranks of the army, the depth of the left deep state has no boundaries at all. The most senior officers are usually leftists. In 2003, there was insider information that the top Hamas leaders were hiding out on a certain floor of a building in Gaza. The air force dropped a quarter ton bomb instead of a half ton so that only that floor would be destroyed. If the military command had bombed the entire building as was the right thing to do, the top ranks of Hamas would have been eliminated that year."

"The deep state of oppressive leftist ideas prevails in schools and universities, as well as in the army. We got a glimpse of the fact that there are people in the army who think they are better than us, who believe we can't survive without them," added Gottlieb.

"We have an excellent army prepared for any scenario, whether it's one officer or his replacement, and finally the army needs to start recruiting pilots who are not necessarily related to high-ranking leftist officials with good marks. We have enough excellent soldiers and fighters. Do you think we rely solely on these 161? Soldiers conditioning their service are a dangerous to the entire state."

"I don't let the ugly background noise of the anarchist protesters failing to show up for work and violating the doctors' oath affect me. I've been aware of the violent, thuggish methods of the Left for a long time, their method of demonizing anyone who thinks differently from them or holds different opinions. It does not impress me. We will not give in to the extortion and bullying of the Left because anyone with a sound mind understands that reducing the reasonableness clause is really not a big deal and is in no way connected to dictatorship. Anyone who holds such an opinion is brainwashed at best, but not very smart either," she concluded.