Doctors strike sign (illustrative)
Doctors strike sign (illustrative)Flash 90

The Israeli Medical Association will partially close the healthcare system on Wednesday morning between the hours of 8:30a.m. and 10:30a.m., in protest of the changes to the reasonableness standard.

"Out of responsibility, we, the doctors, will do everything we can in order to prevent harm to the patients," the Association wrote in an announcement.

The strike will be relatively small in scope: Treatments and operations which were begun prior to the start of the strike will not be delayed, and will take place as planned. Patients arriving for treatments and medical procedures and who were not informed of a delay will also receive treatment. Emergency treatments will be provided as usual.

MK Avichay Buaron (Likud) slammed the Israeli Medical Association, telling Kol Hai Radio that, "Caving means that the nation caves to people who have more money or more academic degrees."

"If with us, in Religious Zionism, in some areas there are more officers - should we ask for more? Democracy means respecting the opinion of the majority and correcting the judicial system.

"And regarding doctors, there is also the Physician's Oath. It is unthinkable that a doctor should violate the Physician's Oath and abandon his patients. I want to support the doctors who continue to remain beside their patients. Whoever leaves should have his medical license revoked."

Boaron added, "Professor Zion Hagay (chairman of the Israeli Medical Association - ed.) has taken captive thousands of doctors who are not interested in this. Arnon Ben-David (chairman of the Histadrut - ed.) as well, who was a significant force behind the previous protest, understood that the workers are not with him. They are heads of Workers Committees. The reform is not connected to them. On Sunday, 5 Av, we will hold a protest of unity and support for the reform. We will gather together and encourage the government and its leader during these tense days."