Studying dementia in missing persons
Studying dementia in missing personsPhoto: IDU

Due to the large number of missing person cases involving individuals with dementia, volunteers from the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a nonprofit specializing in search and rescue, underwent special training by Dr. Rachel Ben-Hayun, director of cognitive services at the stroke and cognition clinic of Rambam Hospital.

The training session included understanding the actions of a dementia patient, advice for family and caregivers, techniques for planning the search effort for such a patient, and extensive advice on how to act in the field while searching.

IDU volunteers shared with Dr. Ben-Hayun the cases and knowledge they gained in the field during searches they conducted for hundreds of missing persons dealing with dementia, and agreed to conduct a comprehensive study on the subject, with the IDU providing the evidence from the field.

The IDU stated: "We thank Dr. Rachel Ben-Hayun for this important guidance. We are sure that it will help the IDU volunteers in the sacred work of searching and locating missing persons."