Kapach family
Kapach familyEliyahu Yanai

In a conversation with Galei Tzahal this morning, Tamar Kapach, wife of El-Roi Kapach, who was seriously wounded in yesterday's (Sunday) shooting attack near Tekoa Junction, recounted the difficult moments she experienced in the immediate aftermath of the attack.

"He dropped the girls off at the summer camp when the attack took place. The girls (who were lightly wounded of shrapnel from the attack) were exposed to very difficult sights. They saw their father shot and bleeding in front of their eyes. El-Roi was looking after them and immediately understood the severity of the incident. It was a very difficult scene," said Tamar.

According to her, "The girls (Avigayil - 14 and Rachel - 9) are fine, they were released from the hospital, but physically and mentally, we are still digesting this event."

"Right now El-Roi is recovering after his surgery, he is suffering from an injury to his stomach and is in a lot of pain. He merited many miracles. El-Roi is a rock. A strong man inside and out, and I'm sure he'll leave it completely behind him. I hope we'll be able to recover and get back to normal as soon as possible," she added.

Tamar's parents, Dov and Rachel, were murdered in a shooting attack in the Gush Katif community of Kissufim 18 years ago. "This is the second time that terror has met us," she recounted. "When I was 17 years old, I saw my parents murdered. It's not easy to deal with it. It all came back to me again."

Last night, the father of the wounded man, Rabbi Michael Kapach, said that although his son suffered a serious injury, the continuous and rapid improvement in his condition constitutes a "real miracle."

"The situation is getting better and better. There was a bullet that actually touched his liver and, thank God, a great miracle happened there. He is headed towards stabilization and recovery," the father said in a conversation with the media.

"He took his two daughters to summer camp in Tekoa and, when he stopped at the intersection and wanted to turn left, a car drove by and shot him. I was in the middle of a meeting to prepare for the upcoming school year. I live in Meron and I was at the meeting in the ulpana where I teach when I heard the news," said the father.

"It's hard to hear news like this, we were in a state of uncertainty all the way from Meron to here, which seemed like an eternity because we didn't know what they would tell us. When we arrived, we calmed down. We saw our granddaughters and they were relatively unscathed. Thank God, it was a great miracle," he added.