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Americans caught up in the radicalization of their country have found its transition to a banana republic to be a heart-breaking journey of toil and pain with no exit. To reach this point in history in which the disturbed and felons run free, and responsible and honorable citizens live in fear took time, it required years of planning to achieve by three once-respected groups who methodically are revising history.

By denying students sound explanations for the cause and effect of the ideas leading to the rise and fall of civilizations, these three groups, working in harmony, have blinded students to the eternal war that exists between two mighty forces, freedom and domination. This has worked well for them for a good reason. Without a strong historical reference, students and adults aren’t easily able to grasp the conceptional significance of events as they unfold, which is exactly what the three groups (educators, journalists, and government leaders) want. Having a population of unformed minds enables them to control public thinking without resistance by overloading the population’s susceptible minds with a revisionist point of view. (Revisionism in this case, incidentally, is used as a euphemism for propaganda.)

For assistance at facilitating revisionism, three auxiliary groups are required, publishers, writers, and theatrical groups. (The latter of the three loves to popularize salacious ideas in history with their own special twist.) Together, the establishment uses them to pick through the content of manuscripts and books to remove crucial truths – specifically, the how and the why that clarify an understanding of important events in history – and replace these truths with whatever befits their needs. Students subjected to heavily redacted books, lectures and dramatic events often find themselves taking a journey into an intellectual void, one dominated by names, dates, and distorted historical events drained of significance like blood from a cadaver. This absence of relevant truths is usually enough to turn off students to history. (For a clarification of how history should be taught, visit

To escape ignorance and learn what they don’t know, but need to know, many students (and adults) seek the advice of the “smarter and wiser.” Unfortunately, this can lead to disappointment. Without knowledge to protect them from the “smarter and wiser,” students may find themselves yielding to the influences of every crackpot in the world.

The third group of this triumvirate, government officials and world leaders, are the absolute beneficiaries of such educational practices. Having empty-headed constituents gives them the freedom to pursue their often unethical activities with ease, as long as the public remains in a mental fog. To thicken the fog, the triumvirate is teaching the population to believe that ideas have no real consequence, and they exist only for getting what one wants when one wants it.

If there is a supreme justice, those individuals responsible for masterminding revisionism and implementing America’s “cultural” change will someday be punished – specifically, educators who create and promote lies; journalists who popularize them; and government and other leaders who use them to advance their nefarious schemes.

What lies ahead for America, a once free and magnificent nation, is uncertain. Reversing its direction isn’t going to be easy. Dumbing down the population has gained too much momentum in the last few years. The reign of despots is being legalized by a corrupt judicial system - perhaps the current Supreme Court is an exception - giving support to any movement that favors a bloodless or bloody coup d’état.

Many older Americans who are observing their great nation crumble feel helpless. They know from their life’s experience what is ahead for their grandchildren and loved ones, but they don’t know how to reverse the trend.

To glimpse America’s future, one only needs to look at communist countries like China, or warring third-world countries like those in the Middle East, or the impoverished remains of a once flourishing country like Venezuela.

Sadly, life in America is becoming progressively more dangerous. One of the States in the vanguard assuring this is California. The rapid rise of crime in that once beautiful State is horrifying. Decent and hard-working men and women are being ruined (regardless of race or wealth) by thieves permitted to take whatever they want when they want it; small and large businesses are being forced into bankruptcy or from the state for one reason or another; and decent people who are left behind are left unprotected from felons and their heinous crimes.

The latest criminal act in vogue today, gaining significant national attention, is presently terrifying parents. It is designed not only to rob them of their children, but also to mutilate physically their young bodies as well. It seems educators are no longer content just performing intellectual lobotomy on children; they are now demanding the right to have them castrated as well without informing parents. This idea is given justification by the popular transgender movement.

Thanks to those decision makers in government, journalism, and education, criminality has currently reached frighteningly high levels, which open borders are helping affect.

Fortunately, enough Americans are awakening to the truth. But their awakening has been too slow. The country has lost significant battles against the forces to destroy it. Recovering a population damaged by such crimes may be difficult, but it may still be possible. One important way is to halt election fraud as soon as possible and allow citizens to choose their leaders again.

To distract the public from thinking about such thoughts, the establishment is encouraging the spread of every perversion imaginable, rewarding those manifestations with hedonistic joy.

The big question: Will America withstand this attack and recover its glorious past, or will it sink into oblivion and become just another name and date in history, a twenty-first century Sodom and Gomorrah?

Joe David is the author of numerous articles and six books, including two novels on education, The Fire Within and Teacher of the Year. For more information about his writings, visit