Scene of attack near Tekoa
Scene of attack near TekoaMagen David Adom

Michael Kapach, father of El-Roi Kapach who was injured in the shooting attack near Tekoa junction on Sunday, said that his son's condition is improving and stabilizing.

"The situation is getting better and better. There was a bullet that actually touched his liver and, thank God, a great miracle happened there. He is headed towards stabilization and recovery," the father said in a conversation with the media.

"He took his two daughters to summer camp in Tekoa and, when he stopped at the intersection and wanted to turn left, a car drove by and shot him. I was in the middle of a meeting to prepare for the upcoming school year. I live in Meron and I was at the meeting in the ulpana in which I teach when I found out what happened,"said the father.

"It's hard to hear news like this, we were in a state of uncertainty all the way from Meron to here, which seemed like an eternity because we didn't know what they would tell us. When we arrived, we calmed down. We saw our granddaughters and they were relatively unscathed. Thank God, it was a great miracle," he added.

He noted that "the parents of our daughter-in-law, El-Roi’s wife, were murdered in a shooting attack in Kissufim 18 years ago. This story reminds us of unpleasant things. Thank God it ended this way."