Police officers surprised four suspects who were trying to blackmail a lawyer in his Tel Aviv office. An indictment was filed against the suspects today (Sunday).

שוטרים הפתיעו את ארבעה חשודים בזמן שסחטו באיומים עורך דיןדוברות המשטרה

The incident took place about two weeks ago, after a report was received at the police hotline about suspects who came to a lawyer's office in Tel Aviv, locked themselves in the office, and threatened a lawyer.

Police officers from the Saratov police station immediately responded to the call, arrived at the office and arrested three residents of Rashlat (aged 55, 28 and 22) and another suspect, a 27-year-old resident of Ramla.

According to suspicions, the motive for the extortion concerned the dismissal of an illegal resident who worked for the grandfather of one of the suspects, and after the grandfather passed away, the children decided to fire him without compensation on the grounds that he was working without permits in Israel and was not entitled to compensation.

The dismissed employee started legal proceedings to claim his wages, and hired the services of the lawyer. At the end of the lawsuit, the employee won and it was determined that he was entitled to compensation in the amount of 180 thousand NIS.

According to the suspicion, the family members sought to pressure the lawyer to give up his winnings and exempt them from the debt. The suspects allegedly threatened to burn the lawyer, telling him that this was the last week of his life and that it would be better if they forgo the compensation.

The attorney sent a message to his employee and asked him to call the police, who immediately arrived at the scene, arrested the suspects, and brought them in for questioning.

The detention of the suspects was extended in court, and at the end of the investigation, an indictment was filed against them with a request for detention until the end of the proceedings.