Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי
The West that feeds on Third Worldism, decolonization, the myth of banlieues and "Black Lives Matter" does not care about the genocide of Christians, indeed it even tries to deny it. For our NGOs, UN, media and governments, the killers do not shout "Allahu Akbar", but "we want a carbon free world".

But what about the last 150 Christians killed. "Some Christian victims were burned alive in their homes", refers the Motning Star.

Now a Nigerian bishop raises his voice condemning the Islamic persecution and “Western propaganda”. Bishop Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe of the diocese of Makurdi, Nigeria, said: “If you saw the video, you would cry. They came and slaughtered everyone”. “They say it's about climate change; this is not true,” he stated. Explaining that the goal of making Nigeria an Islamic state began in the 1980s, Anagbe said what is happening in the country today is a result of the program outlined then by Islamic leaders. “In 1989, there was the Abuja Declaration that Nigeria should be established as an Islamic state; this is what we are seeing today”.

50,000 Christians have been massacred in fourteen years in Nigeria. In just one Nigerian state, Benue, 591 Christians killed in 140 attacks since the beginning of the year. But from the president of Ireland (a former Catholic country), Michael Higgins, to Amnesty International and the US State Department, our élite cites climate change as the cause of the persecution of Christians.

While gun attacks in the United States always make headlines, very few of our media outlets carry the facts, stories, and numbers of Christian genocide. Why in the West are the defenders of Gaza terrorists, the singers of good intentions and the fanatics of the fight against "Islamophobia", so silent in the face of the crimes committed by Muslims against Christians?

Commissioner UN human rights officer Volker Turk criticized Israel for its counter-terrorism operation in Jenin, a city from which most of the Palestinian bombers come. It is useless to seek Turk's condemnation of the bloodbath of Christians.

Jumping off the Pont Mirabeau, the great poet Paul Celan said: "La Shoah n'est plus l'affaire des Juifs". The genocide of Christians is definitely not our media's business.

Climate change at fault? If there were no hurricanes, no melting glaciers, no polar bears wandering alone and the African desert was a field of flowers, would there be fewer murdered Christians? They have blamed capitalism, inequality, depression and now the climate. Everything except Islam. As in the burbings in France: the police, the discomfort of the suburbs, Algeria, never the rejection of the West or Islam.

Tens of thousands of simple Christians killed or a girl burned alive do not deserve the slightest protest march or communication campaign. We must believe that only Europe's denunciation of racism, Israel and "police violence" is worthy of Western emotion.

If only these Christians lived in a Parisian suburb, were decolonized Muslims rather than Christians colonized by Islam and were called Nahel instead of Deborah, the girl burned alive because she was a Christian in Nigeria, dozens of people attacking her body, setting it on fire among shouts of joy and devotion to Allah. So yes, as they used to say, they would "enjoy good press".