Rockets fired from Gaza
Rockets fired from GazaReuters

The development of the ability to manufacture rockets in Judea and Samaria and fire them towards Israeli towns changes the equation of power in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Hamas' Falastin newspaper claims.

In an article published in Falastin, publicist Ahmad Abu Zouhari claims that the development of the rockets is a most important development, which shows the abilities of the "Palestinian resistance organizations" to overcome security challenges, achieve sources of funding for this project, acquire the required military knowledge, copy the method of action used in Gaza in the field of rockets, and create a strategy of appropriate conflict against the "occupation."

According to him, by means of the rocket launches, the terror organizations are showing that Israeli attempts to eliminate "Palestinian resistance" did not succeed, since they have created a new reality which is more dangerous to Israel with their ability to acquire new weapons.

Abu Zouhari also added that Judea and Samaria is not going to be safer for "the occupation, its soldiers, and its settlers," since, "the nightmare of Gaza and its rockets will chase the occupation in every place."

He added that, "The rockets are the beginning of the end of the [Zionist] entity," adding that the launch of rockets will not cease, and relying on security coordination will not provide security to Israel and will not bring about a limitation of the military powers of the Palestinian resistance organizations.