United States and Iran (illustration)
United States and Iran (illustration)iStock

The Twitter account of the US Special Envoy for Iran was updated on Friday to reflect the fact that Abram Paley is now serving in the role instead of Rob Malley, who had been placed on leave without pay earlier this year.

The account also tweeted for the first time since June 2, writing, “The Office of the Special Envoy for Iran and the entire team at the State Department remain engaged in implementing our policy on Iran.”

“We continue our work with allies and partners to constrain Iran’s destabilizing behavior, defend human rights, encourage de-escalation, and promote a stable, prosperous, and more integrated Middle East,” it added.

US officials recently confirmed that Malley was placed on leave after his security clearance was suspended earlier this year amid an investigation into his handling of classified material.

As presidential envoy for Iran, a position to which he was appointed in January of 2021, Malley was based at the State Department, and his portfolio included both the attempts to resurrect a nuclear agreement with Iran, as well as negotiations over at least three American citizens who remain wrongfully detained by Tehran.

Malley coordinated closely with both Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the White House National Security Council, whose Middle East division is led by Brett McGurk.

Earlier this week, sources told CBS News that the FBI is now looking into Malley.

One source familiar with the matter said that the FBI was looking at Malley's handling of classified material. It is unclear if the bureau's examination encompasses other issues. There was no indication from this source that the FBI considers it a criminal matter at this point.

Rep. Michael McCaul, GOP chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, recently requested that the State Department provide a detailed description of the allegations against Malley that led to his security clearance being revoked.

McCaul said the Department’s failure to inform Congress of this matter “demonstrates at best a lack of candor, and at worst represents deliberate and potentially unlawful misinformation.”

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