protest near embassy
protest near embassyHaim Goldberg/Flash 90

Thousands of protestors demonstrated across the country this evening (Thursday), including outside the US embassy's Tel Aviv branch, the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem, the Netanyahu residence in Caesarea, and other locations.

The protestors blocked several streets near the embassy's Tel Aviv branch. Protest leaders said that the choice of location was meant to call attention to "the deterioration of relations between Israel and the US" under the current Netanyahu government.

In Caesarea, hundreds of demonstrators from the Brothers in Arms gathered near Netanyahu's house, chanting: "Bibi, we will not give up. The country is on fire, the rift is growing ... We will not give up until it is better here... You wanted to stage a coup - and you got a protest."

Chaya Levin, a protester in Caesarea, told Ynet: "We have to understand that this is really the last line - in a few days the [reasonableness standard bill will be passed in its] second and third readings, and then what? We will continue and protest until maybe someone will come to their senses in the last minute."

Another protester said: "Both Bibi and [Defense Minister Yoav] Gallant understand that the situation on the Lebanese border is more important, but they are busy with less important things. The enemy in Lebanon also sees the rift in our people. It's time to stop everything and concentrate on the sensitive security situation, otherwise it will blow up in our faces."

Protest leaders have announced that next Monday will be another 'day of disruption.'