Hassan Nasrallah makes rare public appearance in 2008
Hassan Nasrallah makes rare public appearance in 2008Flash90

FROM THE DESK OF: Hassan Nasrallah Secretary-General of Hezbollah

Dear Israeli Anti-Judicial Reform Protesters,

I, Hassan Nasrallah, would like to express Hezbollah's utmost gratitude for your assistance in corroding Israel from within. Your steadfast loyalty and dedication to the goals of the Islamic Ummah will allow us to establish an Islamic State on the ruins of the Jewish one --InShallah!

Our unwavering faith in the efficacy of your protests against all the following: Judicial Reform, preserving the Sabbath, traditional prayer services at the Western Wall, real governmental checks and balances, Orthodox oversight of religious functions, and finally your democratically elected government - is a true inspiration. Without you, we would not be able to make strides in our attempts to wipe Israel off the map.

Your willingness to overlook and ignore the fact that the Jews you are protesting against are literally your own brothers who waited 2000 years to return to the land G-d gave you is a testament to a superhuman ability to suspend the coherent and rational thought necessary for group survival.

I'm aware of the many who think what you are doing is detrimental to Israel's future. Healthy Jews may find it odd that you, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and Eurabia have had this serendipitous convergence of interests. Never mind that, just remember these three things: The path to hell will be paved with your good intentions, this won't be easy, and there may be additional sacrifices needed along the way.

We can't do this alone. The future we are preparing for you Jews can only happen with your collaboration. We aren't able to tear Israel apart from the inside, so the task falls on your shoulders. As you demonstrate for continued judicial tyranny to "protect democracy," I can't help but see the similarities to fearful Jews collaborating with their enemies or calling on them to interfere in internal disputes over the centuries.

To those who may question the truth of your nuanced narrative, I implore you to consider that it's never popular to be the one who drills a hole in the bottom of the lifeboat. The majority of Jews in Israel are proud of their land and way of life, but we stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the battle against these Jews, their history, their religion, and God. We fully understand when Jews are united, they can't be defeated. So, help us help you by staying the course.

Hear my motivational message and keep it close to your heart: show everyone that you're still in charge of Israel. Through our collective focus, we will eradicate Torah and traditional Jews from Israel. Let's, together, build a new 'state of all its citizens' where the genocidal urges of one billion Muslims can finally be put above the lives of a few million Jews.

I assure you that your efforts are appreciated. Your enthusiastic activities supporting Jihad warm the hearts of Anti-Semites across the globe. Your legacy will inspire and educate future generations of oppressed minorities to collaborate with their enemy oppressors and make the lives of their co-religionists miserable. All this so you can virtue signal your way to being the coolest kids on your block.

Additionally, I want to bless the Biden Administration, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and anti-Israel European & American NGOs for generously sponsoring, encouraging and organizing your activities -- whether you are aware of it or not. The spectacle of self-hating Jews tearing their country apart unless they get what they want, stimulates so many anti-Jewish fantasies. Together we inch ever closer to achieving them.

Living in hiding for as long as I have, there is nothing more pleasurable than the 10 hours a day I spend watching Jews shamelessly attack their one and only country and each other on TV news, hands down.

In closing, I thank you, with deepest gratitude, for your behavior. Hand in hand, we are making great strides towards weakiening Israel and the Jews who live there. Let us continue our interfaith collaboration, working towards a brighter tomorrow, where Israel no longer exists.