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The Iraqi government is investigating the kidnapping case of Elizabeth Tsurkov, an Israeli citizen with Russian citizenship, in an attempt to find out her fate.

Relying on security sources in Iraq, the newspaper Al-Arabi Al-Jadid reported that the Prime Minister of Iraq, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, established an investigation team that includes representatives from the intelligence mechanisms, national security and the Ministry of Interior and staff.

The investigation revealed that Tsurkov visited Iraq several times in less than a year, presenting her Russian passport and a valid entry visa.

During her stay in Iraq, Tsurkov visited the various districts of the country, including Kurdistan. Since her last arrival in Iraq several months ago, no documentation of her departure from the country has been found, and she is defined as staying in the country, kidnapped by an unknown group and her fate is unknown.

In an attempt to trace her possible whereabouts, the investigators will ask the individuals with whom Zurkov met, people who were in the places where she stayed, her friends and the driver who drove her in Iraq.

The investigation team is not ruling out the possibility that behind the kidnapping are non-Iraqi elements who are working to use it as a bargaining chip in issues unrelated to Iraq.

The newspaper also noted that there are details of information that cannot be disclosed at this stage, among other things because their publication could lead to the killing of the abductee.