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IAF pilotIDF Spokesperson

Four air force pilots announced this morning (Tuesday) that they would not report for training that had been scheduled for today. The IDF is investigating the incident and treating it as a refusal to report for duty.

Walla reported that Air Force Commander Tomer Bar today convened 40 reserve aircrew members selected from hundreds of pilots to talk with the senior commander about the judicial reforms after the bill limiting the court's use of the reasonableness standard was passed in its first reading last night.

The report said that some of the pilots explained that they were "close to a very difficult moral moment". A military source said that "the reserve pilots warned that they may refuse [to report for duty] if the legislation is passed in full and that they reserve the right to decide on their service."

General Bar said that the achievements of the air force in recent months, especially since he took office, are outstanding, and that he has great appreciation and a great sense of pride for the acts which have enhanced the security of the State. Bar noted that he recognizes and cherishes the role of the reservists in these achievements.

He called on soldiers to keep political disputes out of the air force and for the air force's unity to be maintained. Bar stated that he is aware that some pilots find the judicial reform issue difficult, but reiterated that such controversies should remain outside of the military.