Gali Baharav-Miara
Gali Baharav-MiaraMiriam Alster/Flash 90

The protests Tuesday at Ben Gurion International Airport were approved by Israel's Attorney General, Gali Baharav-Miara.

In her statement, Baharav-Miara wrote that, "Ben Gurion Airport is a public space and therefore every person has the right to freedom of speech and protest in this place as well."

She added that, "Neither the Director of the Israel Airports Authority nor any other body has any authority under the law to prevent the entry of people into the airport solely on the basis of the fact that they do not have plane tickets for that day."

Earlier this week, Baharav-Miara was requested to issue policy instructions regarding protests at the Tel Aviv airport.

"We must take into consideration that uniqueness of the airport, since it is a sensitive public area, due to the importance in ensuring that the public can enter and exit Israel and due to the security and safety needs which characterize the place.

"Therefore...professionals at the Israel Airports Authority and police enforcement must continue to act in accordance with professional and operational considerations in setting the conditions for holding protests in the area of the airport and for enforcing these conditions, including in instances of violations of the conditions and the limitations which were set."

The Central District police commander signed off on the conditions for holding protests at the airport. As part of these conditions, the protests will be held near Terminal 1.

A senior source in the Israeli government slammed Baharav-Miara's decision, saying that it "legitimizes turning Israeli citizens into hostages of an extremist minority. She sets a new standard according to which protests in support of a personal position trump the freedom of movement to and from Israel, while harming unacceptably hundreds of thousands of families who paid good money for a vacation which they waited a long time for."

Transportation Minister Miri Regev (Likud) responded, "I will change the law. Ben Gurion Airport is not a mall and it is not a public space - it is a strategic national asset, which requires sensitive and complex handling when faced with the ongoing flight challenges and the flight challenges in emergency situations."

"I expected the Attorney General to allow proper behavior at the facility and not to lend a hand to those violating the law, whose behavior may even lead to the endangerment of human lives."