MK Boaz Bismuth
MK Boaz BismuthIsrael National News

MK Boaz Bismuth (Likud) said on Monday that, as far as he is concerned, the process of approving the reduction of the cause of reasonableness in the first reading in the Knesset is correct and appropriate.

"There is no reason why the law should not be passed in the first reading. It is important for Israeli democracy. Each person should ask himself whether the public and the citizen have the final word or whether a certain judge does. The reasonableness cause in its current format is illogical. We are simply restoring the balances and restoring order in what is a mess," Bismuth told Israel National News in an interview.

On the possibility of a return to negotiations at the President's Residence in an attempt to reach a compromise on the judicial reform, he said, "I still do not understand why Benny Gantz left the President's Residence. If he really wanted to return to the President's Residence to promote the reform with broad consensus – we are in favor. If the point is to water down the reform while the protests go on and on and do not stop for a moment – what’s the point? The Israeli public has seen very well who was the responsible adult in this story."

"We need to reassure the public and make it clear to them: This is a softened reasonableness cause. There is a protest that will take place no matter what we do. The bottom line is that [the protesters] don't recognize the government as sovereign and don't recognize the results of the election," concluded Bismuth.

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