French internet personality Dimerci, who became famous thanks to the stunt videos he uploads to YouTube, managed to make his millions of followers feel moved by a Jewish heart.

He decided to perform a social experiment in which he stood in the middle of a street in France, in front of diners sitting in a restaurant on the street, and began to pour gas on himself in order to set himself on fire. Although it appeared that the man was about to commit suicide, none of the diners in the restaurant lifted a finger or jumped to help him. Some of the bystanders are even seen passing by Dimerci "trying to commit suicide" and do not bother to stop him.

As soon as Dimerci pulled out a lighter, a young haredi Jew leaps forward, wrests the lighter from him, and seems to save his life. After that, the Jew holds onto Dimerci and does not let go of him until he helps him sit down and relax.

He continues to talk to him until the YouTuber "reconsiders" his intention to commit suicide. Throughout the entire video, only two other women are seen arriving to inquire about the well-being of the man who tried to set himself on fire.

The reactions to the YouTube video of the popular French Youtuber, who enjoys three million followers, praised the young Jew who was the only one who jumped to help a man "who tried to commit suicide" in the center of a street in France.

"Jews have a wonderful heart," wrote one user, while another wrote that "What a sick world. He could have been everyone's son or brother. Humans have become huge disappointments. Everyone looks at him like aliens but no one stands up to save him. This man is an angel and is staying by his side to make sure he doesn't do it again. God bless those angels all over the world."