Joe Biden
Joe BidenREUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Channel 13 News reports significant anger in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s circle at US President Joe Biden for his recent comments against the current Israeli government. “This is the most extreme Israeli government I can remember, and I’ve been here since Golda Meir,” President Biden commented.

“As the Cabinet is convening to discuss improving conditions for the Palestinian Authority - something very difficult for Ministers Smotrich and Ben-Gvir - Netanyahu has been telling them it is all to help win favor with the US, which in turn will help bring Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel. As this is happening, President Biden states that ‘there is still a long way to go before normalization with Saudi Arabia,” explains journalist Raviv Drucker.

“This leads to significant anger against President Biden, and whether intentionally or not, harms Netanyahu’s ability to pass policy. People are saying he is ‘impudent’ and that even President Obama didn’t talk like that. They won’t let that anger show externally, of course, because, after all, President Biden represents a great deal of power.”

“It does not seem that a visit to Washington will happen soon, despite many steps taken to secure US favor - better terms for the PA, gas development off the coast of Gaza, all in the hopes that after the controversy over the judicial reform, perhaps in September, Netanyahu can make a trip to Washington. Such a trip now appears farther away than ever.”

“Netanyahu almost certainly did not want these comments to become public. The attacks from the White House have so far been entirely one-sided - President Biden has insulted him several times, and Netanyahu has never responded.”