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A large fire broke out in Hod Hasharon, just north of Tel Aviv, after an unknown individual set fire to a vehicle belonging to a Hod Hasharon municipal contractor who was engaged in removing LGBT Pride flags from lamposts at the end of Pride Month. The suspect lit the pile of flags on fire, and the flames spread to the rest of the vehicle and the area around it.

The Hod Hasharon municipality filed a complaint with the police and ordered new Pride flags with the intention of "instilling values ​​of equality, tolerance, and pride in response to the hate crime".

"Especially now, near the 17th of Tammuz, a day remembered for the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem, which ultimately led to the destruction of the Second Temple due to gratuitous hatred, a violent and lawless young man chose a path that no fasting will atone for," said the Mayor of Hod Hasharon, Amir Kochavi. "The young man caused serious damage to property and immediate danger to human life in a violent attack on values ​​of tolerance, diversity, and community. I am sure that not only the arsonist will be caught but also those who set him on his way. I hope they will find a way to return to true repentance."

Kochavi also added that "in the past month, we have witnessed incitement against education for equality and inclusion, and incitement in the guise of those who are 'just explaining' that 'there is already equality and there is no need to hang a flag that offends.' A flag does not offend. Deliberate and dangerous arson does. Even in the face of displays of hatred and violence, we will be without fear and bias."