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The sister of Elizabeth Tsurkov, an Israeli abductee in Iraq, told Maariv about the moment when they discovered that she had been kidnapped.

"We were in daily contact, I spoke to her the day before she was kidnapped," she recalled. "The most ordinary conversation there is, and then the next day I noticed she didn't answer my message. She always answers when I send her a video of my child and when she didn't answer, I realized something was wrong."

She later said that her sister "is engaged in researching political movements in the Middle East, in the way that ordinary people understand the political reality in which they live. There is no substitute for this from the field, you must have direct contact with ordinary people. Zoom is something that is very far from the lives of the residents in Iraq, most people do not have access to the internet, it is only for the elites. She was convinced that there was no other way to carry out this research."

"We are going through very difficult days. It's not like one day we were informed that she was kidnapped. It took a while to understand what was happening. Who is against whom. I am in constant contact with the authorities in Israel. This is a difficult and shocking experience, I do not wish the sleepless nights I am going through on anyone," she added.

According to the New York Times, Tsurkov was kidnapped at the end of March after leaving a cafe. It is not clear who exactly kidnapped her, but she is currently being held by a Shiite militia.