Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday visited Palmachim Air Force Base, where he met with personnel of the UAV attack squadron that took part in the recent operation in Jenin.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was briefed by the commander of the squadron on its actions during the operation and spoke with squadron personnel and the pilot of the helicopter that rescued an infantry force from Jenin.

Netanyahu toured the hardened aircraft shelter and met with the planes' technical crews.

The Prime Minister commended the squadron personnel for their activity in the operation and spoke of a new era in the fight against terrorism in which aerial units provide close, focused and surgical support for the ground forces in the framework of combat in built-up areas in order to thwart terrorism while avoiding injury to non-combatants.

"I would like to send condolences to the family of IDF soldier Sgt. First Class David Yehuda Yitzhak who fell during IDF action in Jenin," the Prime Minister said.

"David grew up and lived in Beit El and was a highly esteemed soldier in the elite Egoz unit. We embrace his family; may his memory be blessed."

Netanyahu also said, "We've just finished a comprehensive action against the terrorist enclave in Jenin. Jenin was to be a safe haven. It no longer is a safe haven. We operated in a very systemic way, with large forces, in one of the most concentrated and dense areas on the planet. And we were able to attack the terrorists while avoiding civilian casualties, whereas our enemies are committing a double war crime: They target civilians, and they hide behind civilians. And we denied them that possibility while avoiding civilian casualties."

"This is a sign of our next steps. This is just a first step. It’s not, by no means, the last action that we will take. We will do what we can, from the ground, from the air, with superb intelligence, we will do what we can to fight the terrorists. They shall have no safe haven," he stressed.