David Yehuda's casket is carried into the cemetary
David Yehuda's casket is carried into the cemetaryBeit El Spokesperson

Sergeant First Class David Yehuda Yitzhak, who was killed on Tuesday during the Israeli counterterrorism operation in Jenin, was laid to rest on Wednesday at the Mount Herzl Military Cemetery in Jerusalem.

Thousands attended the ceremony, among them IDF representatives, his friends from his unit, family, and friends.

Lt. Col. M., the commander of the Egoz unit, recalled that David Yehuda Yitzhak was a motivated fighter who was an important part of Israeli security. "You were a fighter and an angel. A man with a heart of gold, dedicated and full of faith, which kept you going. For your entire service, you were a leading part of the mission, and now, you risked your life for the citizens of Israel. A strong warrior, professional and sharp, and during this battle as well, you pushed to succeed. Anywhere you went, you left a mark. You always pushed to be ethical, on the best side, because your values were instilled at home. You are the ideal Egoznik." Lt. Col. M. stated in the name of the unit that "the unit lost an amazing man and warrior. All Egoz soldiers and the unit wish to join in the family's pain. We bow our heads and will always be with you. David, in the name of us all, I salute you for who you were, and you will always remain."

Moshe Binyamin, David Yehuda Yitzhak's father, eulogized his son: "I ask myself how I could accommodate your pure soul. You always returned home with guests you met, who you brought with your sweet smile. I wanted to tell everyone about your vacations from the army, that you would come home without a uniform or the medals that you earned through hard work, but immediately you would put them in the drawer so no one would feel uncomfortable. You saw everyone's pain as if it were your own pain. A boy who is entirely soul, you dove into the hearts of everyone, and you strived for the simple truth.

I see the team that fought alongside you, who became your brothers, and I want to tell you that today you also became part of all of Israel's family. Your grandfather, Rabbi Azriel, said that you have to accept harsh rulings with love, so thank you, G-d, that you lent David to me for 23 years. Mom and the kids love you, and you will always live in our hearts."

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, who attended the ceremony as a representative of the government, eulogized Yitzhak and recounted how after the Yom Kippur War, a soldier told Rabbi Yehuda Amital how he was assigned to notify a family that their son was killed. "The father told him: 'I went through the Holocaust, and I saw my family that didn't merit to enter the land of Israel, my son was privileged to be born in Israel, to fight for it, and to protect it, and even to die for it. And if it was decreed on us to die, let it at least be in a war for the land of Israel.' This funeral is different since it is a funeral that worked to prevent additional funerals."

Speaking in the name of the government, the Finance Minister turned to Yehuda's fellow soldiers and stated: "Dear warriors, you were sent by us to a persistent fight against terror to restore security for Israeli citizens. You succeeded in your mission, just as you know, in the best way. We love you and your dedication to Israel's security."