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Missionary couple in IsraelFlash 90

In the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes (one of the Ketuvim), Kohelet in Hebrew, many pearls of wisdom from King Solomon are to be found. For time immemorial.

One such gem is as relevant today, as it was when composed.

"What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun."

For centuries, Christian Missionaries have been (and still are) waging a spiritual battle for Jewish souls; engaging in a non-stop campaign to target as many Jews (worldwide) as possible for conversion to a Messianic form of Christianity. They view it as their ultimate 'divine' mission.

Akin to all matters of maximum, intrinsic value, there is always a central locus point - a power center, if you will. As such, for Christian Missionaries, the be all and end all is Jerusalem, namely, Holy Zion.

In light of the above statutory crime against the Jewish people, it must be asserted, here and now, for the record:

In Israel it’s legal to express a person’s world view, including religious beliefs, even if they are not accepted by the majority of the public. The exception to this rule is what is known in Israel as the “Missionary Law”. The “law” is actually composed of two separate sections of the Israeli criminal code; the first, section 174 of the Penal Code – 1977, forbids a person to proselytize another to change his religion by means of material benefit. The second, section 368 of the Penal Code, forbids persuading or encouraging a minor (under the age of 18) to change his religion. This law also forbids to conduct any ceremony for a minor to change religion, without the consent of both parents.

In this regard, the following (recent) report continues to send shivers up this spine - just like a toxic bout of deja vu.

As excerpted (June 27, 2023) within "Missionaries target Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem and meet success, says deputy Mayor":

The Christian missionaries operate not only among assimilated Jews, but also within the religious communities, King said, adding that over 30,000 Israelis were converted.

In an interview with Israel National News (INN), Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Arieh King discussed Christian missionaries’ claims of success in converting tens of thousands of Jewish Israelis to believers in Christ, including from the religious Zionist community.

King said that at the Pentecost 2023 event that took place outside the Temple Mount on May 28, he and some others who were with him spoke to a man named Chad Holland, a Messianic Jew in Jerusalem, who said that there are approximately 20-30,000 others like him in Israel.

“He added that there are many more who have not revealed that they accepted Jesus as their leader and as their idol, and they do it in hiding,” King told INN.

“He also said that they operate within the religious communities in Jerusalem. This is something that was revealed to us for the first time.”


The urgent question becomes: How can this be, most especially, under the enshrined criminal code against Messianic (Islamic, too) soul-snatching?

Not only that, in reference to the opening Solomonic proverb, as well as to the "we will get to that" messaging, consider the following as prima facie evidence of what transpires when the authorities turn deaf, dumb, and blind to this 'crime of all crimes', penal codes, be damned.

Back in 2014, when recruited to investigate the scourge of pedophilia plaguing Jerusalem (and surrounding communities...exposed and analyzed in devastating detail within, "The silent threat to haredi children's safety in Israel" and related pieces), what was supposed to last a few months in duration morphed into a six-year long investigation! Betwixt and between, there were successes and failures. Highs and lows. But it was within this pendulum of wreckage that an additional layer of criminality emerged and was unveiled.

As excerpted within, "Israel's Missionary Problem: Its Nexus to Pedophilia":

Much to this writer’s shock and horror, it was after many months of ‘hunting and digging’ that a main nexus emerged within the developed information and the intelligence gleaned: The (once) hidden crime of pedophilia in Israel is immeasurably and inextricably linked to Missionary activities – most tellingly, within Jerusalem!


Apart from a barely spoken about Missionary crisis within Israel, there are deeply hidden secrets within several ‘schools’, and they are plagued with sexual abuse...those who ran the program are themselves ‘former’ Missionaries, supposedly, living as Jews in Israel. A straight-line nexus.

More specifically, the female head of the (now defunct) ‘conversion’ program is a so-called ‘convert’ to Judaism and a ‘former’ Missionary from Mississippi...


When will this madness end? This discomfiting, sickening feeling is not so much directed against the Missionaries - for they view themselves as "soldiers for Jesus" and will never stop, that is, unless thrown out of the country with the gates permanently shut for re-entry after a lengthy stint in a padded cell. It is aimed towards a monstrous failure of leadership in the political-security arenas, whereby, both sides have a sworn duty to safeguard and preserve Jewish existence in our Homeland.

On the one hand, Islamic jihadis send their "love notes" via explosions - here, there, and everywhere in between. Not hard to miss. But just as incendiary are the stealthy spiritual bombs targeting Jews for their souls; a no less deadly weapon. For once the Jewish soul is extinguished, more than likely, it is lost forever, and stuck in the darkness for eternity.

To reiterate, as many times as it takes: What are our leaders going to do, if anything, about the many thousands of Missionaries who operate with impunity and out in the open, in legal parlance, in plain view - thus, giving the authorities no credence, daring them to execute their legal and moral duties!?

No time to lose.

Adina Kutnickiis an investigative journalist, living in Israel since 2008. Her work concentrates on militant Islamic jihad and its western knock-on effects as well as uncovering missionary efforts and pedophilia in Israel. She is the co-author of BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad, She blogs at: Adina Kutnicki, A Zionist & Conservative Blog (www.adinakutnicki.com).