Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Tuesday gave an interview to the BBC, during which the interviewer stunned him by claiming that “the Israeli forces are happy to kill children”.

“You know, it’s quite remarkable that you’d say that, because they are killing us,” Bennett replied. “Now, if there’s a 17-year-old Palestinian that’s shooting on your family, what is he?”

The interviewer replied, “Under your definition, you are calling them terrorists. The UN calls them…” Bennett then interrupted her and said, “No, no, I’m actually asking you: What would you call a 17-year-old person with a rifle shooting at your family and murdering your own family? How would you define that person?”

“We’re not talking about that,” the interviewer insisted. “The UN has defined them as children, and we know that four people between the age of 16 and 18 have been killed in this targeted attack. Let’s not forget it’s a targeted attack. The Israeli forces are going and looking for these people.”

Bennett then said, “I’m missing something. You know, a 17-year-old terrorist can murder civilians. There’s a fundamental difference between what they’re doing, which is explicitly and deliberately targeting civilians, and what we’re doing, which is targeting terrorists. That’s exactly the opposite. We’re doing the right thing, they’re killing civilians and the fact that you’re creating this moral equivalent or even worse, I think it’s unacceptable.”