When you renovated the apartment, or you are about to move into your new apartment, you surely need a cleaning company to clean the hard dirt, how then do you choose the right cleaning company to do it?

Cleaning companies that deal in this field are often charlatans who do not act with integrity and that's at best, moreover, companies that are not professional can cause damage and heartache.

Many companies use water pipes, which causes the furniture to swell, and in many cases damage the walls and the paint peels off.

The materials used by the cleaning companies are strong materials, in order to remove hard dirt created due to the renovations such as paints, adhesives, etc.

These materials are supposed to be diluted with water in a precise amount in order to prevent damage, so you need an experienced company that has skilled professionals for this.

The damages from these substances can be many, especially in damage to stainless steel such as faucets, sinks, etc., and to a natural stone floor.

How to choose a professional cleaning company for houses and apartments

You are probably asking yourself why you should be careful when you hire a cleaning company, how to choose a good cleaning company, read our recommendation and you will not fail.

Our initial recommendation is to try to get recommendations from acquaintances or family members who have ordered a cleaning company that specializes in this, if you do not have recommendations you will have to search the media network according to these instructions.

A. Look for apartment cleaning companies close to your area of residence, and request that the company representative come to you to see the apartment or house, and give a price quote after seeing everything. Don't give up on yourself and check the recommendations, don't be lazy.

B. Ask all the obvious questions like, how many employees come to the apartment, how long will the whole service take, what materials are used, and ask to show you an insurance certificate.

third. The tools used by the cleaning company are just as important, for example a polishing machine that scrubs the floor, whether it is new or old, and which water cleaners are used.

d. Ask to know the whole process of the service ie, do they find the windows and blinds out of place and clean them carefully without excessive amounts of water. How they clean the closets, and how they will clean the wet rooms, floor scrubbing is important to be done with a professional polishing machine without an excessive amount of water, especially on a marble and natural stone floor.

God. Ask for recommendations from a service provided by the company in your area of residence recently, a professional company that works frequently, and it is likely that they have such and not serial recommenders.

F. Receive the offer in writing, the price offer should be detailed, an offer that binds the company to everything that was agreed upon.

This is how apartments are cleaned after renovation

How does a professional cleaning company clean apartments and houses after renovations, and what is the correct work order for that.

A. First, the windows and blinds are found out of place, the window frames are cleaned and the tracks are vacuumed without a water hose, the windows and blinds are cleaned and they are put back in place.

B. We proceed to clean the wet rooms, thoroughly clean the wall coverings, clean the sinks, toilets and of course the faucets, and finally clean the floor.

third. Clean the cabinets of the house first of dust and fallout, and clean with damp cloths and finish with a dry cloth that does not leave marks. In cases where kitchen cabinets are old and there are signs of oil, suitable materials are used very carefully.

d. When you finish the three steps we mentioned, start cleaning the floors, first clean the panels around the entire floor area, scrub the floor with a small amount of water, scoop up the dirty water, and rinse thoroughly with clean water. If you decide to polish the floor, wait until it is completely dry, and then apply wax to the floor, it is important to wait for the wax to dry and then polish with a polishing machine and a polishing pad.

It is important to note that if you follow exactly as explained in this article, you will find a professional and reliable house and apartment cleaning company for reliable and safe cleaning, and you will protect your home from charlatan companies.