Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered remarks at the US Embassy's July 4th celebration.

"In recent months Jenin has become a city of refuge for terrorism. We are not prepared to accept this – and we are putting a stop to it."

"At this moment, our forces are taking strong and determined action in Jenin. Commando Brigade soldiers, the Border Police, special forces, the Air Force and others are now acting in the heart of the Jenin refugee camp."

"They are targeting and arresting terrorists, and destroying command centers and laboratories."

"There are no sanctuaries for terrorists – not in Gaza, not in Judea and Samaria, not anywhere."

"We are operating against the terrorists while making a maximum effort to avoid harming non-combatants."

"We are taking the initiative and using the element of surprise. We are changing and being innovative. We are determining a new equation against terrorism, constantly."

"Our guiding principle is simple: Whoever murders Israelis, whoever conspires to murder us, will be in either jail or the grave."

"Whoever harms us, whoever dispatches terrorism against us, will pay the price."

"The operation will continue as long as necessary, until the mission is completed."

We all support the brave soldiers, commanders and fighters. On behalf of the entire nation, I salute you."

Netanyahu also commented on the relationship Israel shares with the United States of America:

"America has provided Israel with moral and political backing against those who would wipe us out, the only Jewish state,” he says. "Security cooperation has never been better, intelligence sharing has never been deeper."

“America defeated the forces of totalitarianism, but we should also remember a basic truth: freedom is precious and it is never free. As I speak, our troops are battling the terrorists with unyielding resolve and fortitude while doing everything to avoid civilian casualties,” he says.

“In the months ahead, Israel and America will work closely together to thwart the danger posed by Iran and seize the opportunity to expand the circle of peace.”