Dan Lilty
Dan LiltyIsrael National News

Dan Lilty, a resident of the French city of Marseille, explains how the severe riots in the country affect the local Jewish community.

"There's a great pandemonium here," Lilty tells Israel National News. "Three nights that we haven't slept because of the explosions from the firecrackers of the young people who are rioting in the city and because of the police response. We are not able to go to restaurants because everything is closed. There isn't a living soul on the street since being in the city center feels dangerous."

He says that not only the Jews of the city are suffering. "The rioters only want to steal and riot on the streets without differentiating who stands before them."

Out of fear of riots and looting, Lilty decided to empty the shelves of his glasses store. "We took everything home. There are no glasses or sunglasses in the store. I took everything before Shabbat started, and there are no goods in the store at all."

He says that his phone rang several times on Saturday, and he feared for his store's future. "I am religious and keep Shabbat; my cellphone rang four or five times. I walked 40 minutes on foot to my store because I feared there were problems near the store, and thank G-d, everything was fine."

But beyond the riots and looting, Lilty talks about the general fear and danger in the streets. According to him, the police do not do enough to stop the rampant crime in the streets.

"I was born and raised in Marseille, and I love it. But the Marseille of today has turned into Gaza," he concluded.

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