Lt. Hadar Goldin
Lt. Hadar GoldinINN: family

Ayelet Goldin, sister of IDF POW Hadar Goldin, shouted accusations at Prime Minister Netanyahu during a ceremony honoring IDF soldiers fallen during Operation Protective Edge.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu, look a bereaved sister in the eye. Nine years, Mister Prime Minister! Don't turn your back on me! What is there in my grave for nine years, Mister Prime Minister? Tzitzit (A four-cornered garment with fringes on each corner traditionally worn by Jewish adult men) and a bloody uniform!"

Ayelet climbed up on a chair to continue her speech: "My sweet, beautiful brother is languishing in Gaza, and you know exactly where, and you won't look me in the eye! You are guilty! Mister Prime Minister, you have a responsibility, in the name of this holy gathering."

"Tzitzit and a bloody uniform, Judaism and Israel - these are our values. What are your values, Mister Prime Minister? Your brother went to the end of the world. I am raising my children by your brother's values. Look me in the eye!"

"What are your values? You are abandoning soldiers and civilians. You are guilty, in the name of this holy gathering. You are guilty!"

Hebrew footage of the incident: