Miki Zohar
Miki ZoharArutz Sheva

Culture and Sport Minister Miki Zohar (Likud) on Thursday contradicted statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that the Override Clause is not yet off the table.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Netanyahu said that he "threw out" the Override Clause and that it would not be included in the judicial reform.

Speaking with 103 FM Radio, Zohar said, "The Override Clause is not off the table. At least not from my perspective or from that of many other members of the government. When will it happen, how will it happen, what will be the language when it happens? That's a very, very big question."

"There are a lot of parameters which have not yet been examined which can turn the Override Clause into something very logical, rational, and not extreme. So I say - time will tell. We will take these actions with the understanding that this is a real need in order to strengthen democracy in Israel."

He added, "In the end I think we all understand that in order for this government to continue existing, we need to advance the reform. The way we advance it, absolutely, will be different than what we attempted to do at the beginning of the term."

According to Zohar, in the summer session the government will work on changing reasonability, and during the winter session it will focus on the Judicial Selection Committee. "Throughout the coming years, as long as the government continues its term - and I hope it will live out its days - during every [Knesset] session we will advance another issue. There are quite a few issues which we want to advance in order to heal the judicial system."