Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuYonatan Sindel/Flash90

A senior haredi source in the coalition slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statements regarding the judicial reform, acknowledging that those opposing the reform have won their battle against the government.

Speaking with Kikar Hashabbat, one of the haredi party leaders, who in recent months has participated in meetings on the reform together with Netanyahu, said, "We need to acknowledge honestly: The opponents of the reform have won. The Override Clause has been buried. The reasonability clause will pass after it is softened yet again. There will not be a coalition majority in the Judicial Selection Committee; the Attorney Generals Law is in a deep freeze. Why did we go on this adventure in the first place?"

"Even the Draft Law, we didn't receive," the source continued. "As a sector, we only lost out from this whole reform."

The coalition source also expressed disappointment following Netanyahu's interview with the Wall Street Journal, in which he said that the legislation of the judicial reform will continue without the Override Clause.

"This interview is a very great disappointment, it's caving," he said. "After seven months we are left with a watered-down reasonability clause. This is the exact opposite of what was promised to the voters."