Avihai Mandelblit (right) and Roni Alsheikh (left)
Avihai Mandelblit (right) and Roni Alsheikh (left)Tomer Neuberg & Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Former Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit denied comments by the former Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh, who claimed to have finished his term as Commissioner before it was decided to file the indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"The words of my friend Roni Alsheikh do not reflect the decision-making process in the general prosecution in connection with the cases against Netanyahu. Netanyahu's continued tenure as Prime Minister has never come up and it is unthinkable that it will come up as part of the discussions regarding the prosecution against him," Mandelblit said.

"The only thing that we considered was whether there was evidence to prosecute Netanyahu and whether there was a public interest in it. In my opinion and in the opinion of all the prosecutors at the time, this is completely irrelevant for the purpose of making the decision, and this is my position today as well."

"For the sake of accuracy, it should also be noted that Alsheikh did indeed finish his term as Commissioner before it was decided to file the indictment. In any case, to remove any doubt, the decision-making team in the many discussions I had on the subject never discussed the issue of the Prime Minister's tenure," he said in conclusion.

The State Prosecutor's office commented: "In response to the publications, the Prosecutor's Office states that any statement as if extraneous considerations were involved in the decision to file an indictment is unfounded. The indictment in the cases against Netanyahu was filed according to the evidence and based on professional considerations only. Mr. Alsheikh was not a participant in the discussions in which it was decided to file an indictment."

On Wednesday morning, Former Commissioner Alsheikh commented to Army Radio: "We expected Netanyahu to resign from his position when the charges were filed against him. We didn't think he would remain in office - either he would resign or the party would tell him that it was best if someone else took the lead."

Alsheikh referred to Netanyahu's comments about former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, according to which "a Prime Minister who is up to his neck in investigations does not have a moral and public mandate to determine such fateful things for the State of Israel," and admitted that, "We all took into account what he said about Olmert." However, he clarified that "there was no plan to impeach a sitting Prime Minister, no one anticipated what could happen as a result of filing an indictment according to a completely legal procedure."