IDF reservists (illustrative)
IDF reservists (illustrative)Flash 90

The IDF is considering dismissing two reservists in infantry units who have been refusing to report for several months.

According to Army Radio, the two have not reported for duty since the previous wave of protests, and to this day they refuse to even come to a tribunal before their commanders. The decision in their case is expected to be made soon.

Knesset member Boaz Bismuth (Likud) responded in an interview: "Dismiss them already! We don't play with the security of the state, have we gone completely crazy?"

An IDF spokesman responded to the report: "In recent months, there have been a number of isolated cases in which reserve officers were called to duty by order and did not show up. Each case was handled according to its individual circumstances. The reserve system is an essential part of the IDF's ability and competence to fulfill its mission and various tasks."