Roni Alsheikh and Prime Minister Netanyahu
Roni Alsheikh and Prime Minister NetanyahuFlash 90

The right has said from the start that the indictment of Netanyahu was an attempt by the left to remove him from politics and that once that failed, the violent opposition to the elected government's judicial reform is really an attempt to topple his government. Former Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh on Wednesday morning strengthened that thesis when he commented on the Netanyahu trial to Army Radio.

"We expected him to resign from his position when an indictment was filed, that the party would tell him that it was for the good of the country that he resign and someone else come into power. We were expecting him to follow Olmert's precedent," Alsheikh commented.

Negev and Galilee Minister Yitzhak Wasserlauf commented: "Roni Alsheikh's statement sheds light, or possibly darkness, on the delusional conduct of law enforcement officials in the trial of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Apart from saying outright 'we tried to stage a coup d'état,' he basically said everything."

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich commented, "Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Israel. This is a sad day for the State of Israel. There are a number of parties here who joined together to overcome democracy and carry out a coup."

Smotrich added, "Officials and former commanders who, during their time in office, tried to carry out moves to change the [elected] government and failed, joined together and are now trying to defeat the word of the Israeli voter. They will fail this time as well. The law enforcement and justice system in Israel needs an overhaul, we are leading these reforms to prevent a recurrence of such anti-democratic moves in the future. We will not allow them to steal Israeli democracy."

Minister Ofir Akunis of the Likud said, "This morning the citizens of Israel were exposed to a bitter truth: an attempt was made here that failed to oust, by improper means, a Prime Minister elected by the Israeli public. As I said before and in light of the new revelations, in and out of the trial, including in this interview: Netanyahu's trial should stop." .

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir condemned the statement, saying, "Alsheikh admitted today that he tried to carry out a coup d'état through investigations and an indictment. He doesn't care about democracy, he doesn't care about the law, and all he wanted was to depose the Prime Minister who was elected in democratic elections, by undemocratic means. No wonder they are so afraid of the judicial reform that will take power from the oligarchy and finally return it to the people."

Minister Moshe Arbel of Shas said, "Mr. Alsheikh's statements this morning, according to which the working plan was to remove an elected Prime Minister from his position based on Olmert's precedent, are worrying for everyone who wants to live in a democratic country. These terrible things against the core of the democratic regime deserve to be included in the civics curriculum, and should be a warning sign for all of us, the supporters of the government and its opponents. The policy of overthrowing an elected government through criminalization is the greatest danger to a democratic government."

The chairman of the Noam party, deputy minister MK Avi Maoz, commented: "I suggest that Roni Alsheikh hire a lawyer and prepare for a trial in which he will be accused of ousting a sitting Prime Minister and corruptly abusing his position and status, instead of incriminating himself daily with statements that reveal to us what we have known for a long time. The Attorney General's Office and the law enforcement system led by then [Attorney General] Mandelblit, [State Attorney] Nitzan, and [Police Commissioner] Alsheikh abused their positions and worked to remove a sitting Prime Minister."

Likud spokesman Gai Levy commented: "For years we have been telling you that there are no idiots sitting in the prosecutor's office, that there is no way they expected to go to court with this delusional and evidence-less indictment and win, and that everything was just an attempt to get Netanyahu to resign."

"Now, years later, he actually admits it! When he and his friends stand trial, we will insist that their rights be preserved, we will act with an open heart and willing heart, we will not arrest 80-year-old grandmothers, we will not deny them food, medicine and sleep [as the Netanyahu trial interrogators did], and we will not blackmail them with threats, and we will not carry out illegal espionage without warrants, but we will see justice done and them locked away."