Dagan in Samaria
Dagan in SamariaSamaria Council spokesperson

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan responded Monday evening to the rocket fire from Jenin and accused the Israeli government of failing to properly respond to the wave of terrorism from Judea and Samaria.

"Since the displacement of the four settlements from northern Samaria, Homesh, Sa-nur, Ganim and Kadim, northern Samaria has become a capital of terrorism that unleashes countless attacks, both in Samaria and most of the attacks inside the Green Line.

"Why is this government waiting? How long will it wait before it embarks on Operation Defensive Shield 2 and destroys the terrorist infrastructure between Shechem and Jenin?!" he demanded.

"If the Israeli government does not launch a military operation, we will start talking about the 'northern Samaria envelope (similar to the Gaza envelope). The terrorists won't stop with Hermesh or Gav Hahar. Terrorism will come through rockets and terrorists to Hadera, Netanya, and Tel Aviv. I ask the government: What else do you need to see in order to launch the operation?"

The IDF reported that terrorists in Jenin fired a rocket Monday morning. The rocket landed in Palestinian Authority territory and caused no damage or casualties.