Pindrus in the plenum
Pindrus in the plenumKnesset Channel

MK Yitzhak Pindrus, of the haredi UTJ party, spoke to the Knesset plenum about Yosef Lapid, a former Minister of Justice and the father of opposition leader Yair Lapid. "He would engage in an intelligent debate Judaic matters - about King Solomon, the laws of the First Fruits, whether one who is not a priest may eat of them or not," Pindrus said.

He further noted the way that Yair Lapid had recently quoted commandments from the Torah, and said he was sure his father would be quite happy to hear his son engaging in scholarly discourse.

"I invite MK Lapid to come study with me, together. I am also willing to direct him to related sources," Pindrus promised.

Lapid, who leads the secular party Yesh Atid, had a counteroffer: "Come to my house for Shabbat," he answered MK Pindrus. "Come and spend Shabbat in Tel Aviv."

"With pleasure," Pindrus answered. "Let's meet and discuss the matter further."

Lapid and Pindrus have sparred before regarding the Torah, with Lapid quoting passages to the Knesset and demanding to know why the haredi parties oppose the LGBT movement because of the Torah, but not those that dishonor their parents. Pindrus, at the time, declared that the answer was too long for a speech in the plenum, but invited Lapid to join him in a study partnership to learn about the different commandments he had mentioned.