Binyamin Regional Council head Israel Ganz visited the scene of the shooting attack at Eli Junction and commented on the community response to the attack.

"Four days ago, two terrorists came here, and four of our residents were killed. You can still see the bullet holes," he said.

"I am standing here with all of the wonderful youth and all our communities. We are coming together to strengthen our roots in this land," added Ganz.

"I want to make this message very very clear. There is no Jewish terrorism. There is no Jewish violence. There is vandalism by a handful of youth, and we condemn it and must do everything we can to stop it," he stressed.

"You can't compare that, though, to what happens every day - Arabs throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and trying to kill us. There is a big difference between vandalism and violence."

"We here have a message - we are going to deepen our roots here, we will fight against Arab violence and terror," concluded Ganz.