Minister Galit Distel Atbaryan, Israeli Minister of Public Diplomacy, visited the site of last week's terror attack at the Hummus Eliyahu Restaurant near Eli in the Binyamin region, accompanied by Binyamin Regional Council Head Israel Ganz, and expressed her solidarity with local residents.

"They use any means to spill Jewish blood. People of any age are used to having post-traumatic disorder from knowing a friend or neighbor died."

While condemning all violence, including Jewish reprisal attacks, she likewise challenged the Palestinian Authority leadership to condemn Arab terror. "I would like to see the Palestinian Authority condemn as we make the attempts to slaughter as many Jews as possible. Not only do they not condemn but also celebrate every Jew killed."

Minister Distel Atbaryan rejected any comparison between the two, pointing out that the PA initiates and funds its terror industry, unlike Israel's government, which pursues all Jewish criminal actions. "There is a vast difference between the terrorists who attempt to kill as many Jews as possible and the reaction by some of the settlers here who, most of the time, just feel afraid.

Binyamin Regional Council Head Yisrael Ganz thanked the Minister for her words and encouraging presence at the site.