Har Dov
Har DovFlash 90

The Hezbollah military outposts that were illegally set up on sovereign Israeli territory near Mount Dov were placed about 30 meters inside Israeli territory, and generators were placed there to allow Hezbollah terrorists to stay in the compound, Kan 11 News reported on Friday.

Footage from the outposts shows an armed Hezbollah terrorist wearing protective gear. According to a diplomatic source, members of Hezbollah's elite unit, Radwan Force, were in the compound at least part of the time.

According to the report, the IDF initially contacted the UNIFIL peacekeeping force after the tents were placed in Israeli territory, but the UN peacekeepers did not arrive in the area. Only after diplomatic pressure, including from Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, did UNIFIL inspectors arrive in the area and verified that the tents were indeed inside the sovereign territory of the State of Israel.

Erdan on Thursday sent a letter to the UN Security Council demanding that the Council strongly condemn Hezbollah for blatant violations of Council resolutions and for establishing positions in sovereign Israeli territory.

In his letter, Ambassador Erdan demanded the immediate condemnation of the flagrant violations of Resolution 1701 by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, which invaded the sovereign territory of Israel and established illegal positions as part of its trend of strengthening in southern Lebanon, including in UNIFIL’s area of operation, in addition to imposing severe restrictions on UNIFIL’s freedom of movement and violent attacks against UN personnel.

“I call upon the Security Council to unequivocally condemn Hezbollah and its Iranian patrons' ongoing violations of UNSC resolutions, including 1701 and 1559, and denounce the latest infringement of Israeli sovereignty in the area of DOF 692. The Security Council must demand the Lebanese authorities act immediately and without further delay to dismantle and remove these structures,” he wrote.

Ambassador Erdan added, “Israel will not accept any violation of its sovereignty and retains the right to take all necessary measures to protect its territory.”

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