Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
Rabbi Shmuel EliyahuElisha Grossberg

Tzfat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu published a statement Friday in which he called for the trial of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be played out through its conclusion as the prosecution's bribery case against Netanyahu in Case 4000 appeared to fall apart.

Rabbi Eliyahu called the Netanyahu trial "the most important trial in the State of Israel since its establishment."

"At the beginning, it seemed as if it was a trial about the corruption of the prime minister, but now it turns out that this trial is a trial about serious corruption in the state attorney's office and among senior police officers," he said.

"Day by day, the depth of the corruption of the people who decided to stage a revolution and cancel the election of a Prime Minister elected by the public is being revealed. To that end, they invented crimes that are not written in the law book, they ignored the law that prohibits investigating a sitting prime minister without special permission from the attorney general. This is the law designed to protect democracy from corrupt officials who want to stage a coup without elections.

"In court, it has become clear with every day that the investigators have violated this law many times. Sometimes they got approval after the fact, and sometimes they didn't even do that. In court, it also turned out that the same attorneys decided to hide from the court and from the defense documents that exonerate the Prime Minister. All this was in order to meet the goal they set for themselves, to remove the prime minister from office without elections.

He accused the investigators of only questioning witnesses who would testify against Netanyahu while refusing to question any witnesses whose testimony could have exonerated the prime minister or strengthened his defense, as well as violating the rights of witnesses when their testimony did not turn out as the investigators had hoped.

"Every day of the investigation, the defense attorney asks the senior investigators: How did you allow such an act of injustice? And they are forced to answer the shameful answer every time: "I don't remember". "It's not my responsibility." "I don't know who did it," Rabbi Eliyahu said.

"If we talk about the end of democracy, this is the end of democracy. This is the end of the justice system. This is the end of the civilized state. Thank God that this trial is ongoing. Thank God that this corrupt rot is being cleared up. Who knows how many innocent citizens have suffered from this corruption for many years?

Rabbi Eliyahu said that it is important that the trial be allowed to continue to reveal the full extent of the corruption behind the investigations against Netanyahu to the public.

"The end of this system is finally coming. The truth is finally being revealed. The discovery of the truth will bring this evil to an end. Therefore, this is the most important trial since the establishment of the State of Israel," he concluded.

Last night, Channel 13 News reported that the judges presiding over Case 4000 said they would have a difficult time proving bribery in the case, in which Netanyahu is accused of offering Bezeq owner Shaul Elovitch favorable regulations in exchange for favorable coverage by the Walla new site, which Elovitch also owned.