The police on Friday published new footage from the 12-hour operation in Jenin on Monday to rescue Border Police officers and IDF soldiers who were ambushed by terrorists during an arrest operation.

The footage shows the officers in action rescuing wounded soldiers who were hurt in the initial roadside bomb explosion while under fire themselves.

The commander of the rescue force can be heard saying over the phone: "Guys, relax. We're sending help as fast as possible."

The released footage also shows the first explosion which damaged an armored vehicle and resulted in the soldiers becoming pinned down under fire from terrorists. Commander M., who was injured in the blast, continued to calmly report on the situation to his superior officers.

The helmet cameras of two officers from the rescue force recorded their leaping into an armored vehicle and driving while under fire to rescue the trapped forces.

Eight soldiers and policemen were injured during the heated battle in Jenin, and seven armored vehicles sustained damage. An IDF attack helicopter was dispatched to assist the forces on the ground during the rescue, the first time such a vehicle was deployed in Judea and Samaria since the height of the Second Intifada in 2002.