A German court has convicted a German woman for joining the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization and participating in the abuse of a Yazidi woman.

The Koblenz Higher Regional Court found that the 37-year-old, known as Nadine K., abused the woman, a member of the Yazidi minority, forcing her to be a "household slave" while living with ISIS in Iraq and Syria. She was found guilty of crimes against humanity and aiding and abetting genocide.

According to the court, for three years, the defendant abused the young woman “in her own interests as a household slave.” It said that her husband brought the woman to their home and regularly raped her and that the defendant enabled those assaults and should have intervened. "She could have and should have done something," the judge insisted.

After finding her to be an intelligent and self-determined woman, the court concluded that Nadine K. willingly joined the terror organization.

While the court said no mitigating evidence distanced the defendant from the crimes, the judge noted that she had shown remorse and compassion "at least to some extent."

The sentence fell short of the ten years demanded by the prosecution.

In a statement read out at her trial by a defense lawyer, she denied having coerced the Yazidi woman at any point. She said there had been frequent arguments with her husband over the woman’s presence, and she was ashamed of not having done more for her.

In February, the Yazidi woman testified at the trial and said she recognized the defendant.

She traveled to Koblenz again for the verdict. “She hopes that others follow her example” and that all who committed similar crimes face trial, said her lawyer, Sonka Mehner.