Isaac Assa, the president and founder of ILAN (Israel Latin American Network), spoke to Israel National News- Arutz Sheva about the massive mural unveiled at Ben Gurion Airport this week, which depicts 4,000 years of Jewish history.

"This was a dream," Assa said, "to have a mural, a picture, that describes the four-thousand-year history of the Jewish people, from Abraham Avinu (our father) to today."

He called the mural "a 4,000-year family album of our history," adding that "nothing like this has ever been created."

"It's important for people from all over the world that come to Israel to understand that our connection to this land is for more than 3,000 years, not 75 years," Assa said, explaining why the airport was chosen as the mural's location.

ILAN is currently leading a delegation of Latin American students to Israel, and Assa plans to bring a delegation of Hispanic American university students to Israel next year.

"The Latinos are not antisemitic," he said, "they should be our strongest and most important partners in the United States."