Scene of the attack at Eli Junction
Scene of the attack at Eli JunctionFlash 90

Rabbi Nitzan Yamin, the headmaster of the Bnei Akiva Mateh Binyamin Yeshiva, described how he survived the murderous attack near Eli and how his car was stolen by one of the terrorists.

"I arrived at the gas station at the Eli Junction to buy chewing gum because I had almost fallen asleep at the wheel. A haredi passenger sitting in the back of the car asked me to leave the air conditioner on. I left the car running at the entrance to the gas station," recalls Rabbi Yamin.

Rabbi Yamin went inside and bought the chewing gum, but as soon as he finished paying, he heard intense gunfire. "I went outside; suddenly, I realized I was without my gun. I was looking to run away, then I turned around, and as I turned around, two terrorists came towards me with an M-16 and started spraying bullets at me. Another person who was next to me was murdered at once."

"The terrorist missed me. I ran like a madman as he was still shooting. We saw on the cameras later that he took a kneeling position and fired an entire 30-round magazine at me."