Yesterday, terrorists arrived at Eli Junction on Route 60 and began firing at a nearby restaurant. Four Israelis were killed in the attack. A new video off the incident shows the terrorists chasing after victims and firing rapidly at any possible target.

One terrorist was shot dead at the scene in an exchange of fire with an armed civilian. The civilian was hit several times but survived and was taken to hospital care.

The second terrorist was able to flee the scene as significant Israeli security forces converged, but was located and eliminated by special forces a few hours later.

The attack was declared by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to be in response to the recent IDF operation in Jenin.

Israeli responses to the attack included the immediate approval of one thousand housing units for the nearby town of Eli, the rapid mapping of the terrorists' homes in advance of their demolition, and the repopulation of the emptied Samaria town of Evyatar.

In addition, widespread rioting has taken place throughout Samaria as groups of Israeli youths entered Palestinian cities and began burning vehicles, buildings, and agricultural areas.