Nachman Shmuel's funeral
Nachman Shmuel's funeralArutz Sheva

Hundreds of people gathered Wednesday morning for the funeral of Nachman Shmuel Mordoff, age 15, who was murdered Tuesday in a shooting attack near the town of Eli.

Mordoff was a resident of the town of Ahiya; the funeral is taking place in the town of Shiloh.

Ora Mordoff, Nachman Shmuel's mother, told Kan Reshet Bet, "My heart has been shattered to pieces. On the other hand, there is faith in G-d, who runs the world. We thank G-d, who gave us such a great gift, who gave us Nachman."

She continued, "He was not yet 16 years old. he was a child with a lot of energy and joy, a child who loved the Land of Israel and the People of Israel. He only wanted to do good. Before anything, for everyone, and not for himself. My heart is broken."

Nachman Shmuel Mordoff Credit: Courtesy of the family

Mordoff's family said, "He was a smiling boy, energetic and beloved by all his friends. He was always busy with holiness, with helping others, with a smile and support for the weak. He had integrity, truth, and respect for his parents. He saw into a person's heart, and not just the externals, and so he would connect to others from a place of innocence. He spoke mostly with his beautiful smile. He loved people and he loved the Land."

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