Iran's annual terror budget
Iran's annual terror budgetAlma

Iran does what it does best. It makes far-reaching demands of Biden without consequential commitments on its part. And Biden appears willing to reward such.

Green-lighting “an arrangement with Iran” ultimately may subject America to unforeseen existential challenges. To which, President Biden may compromise his legacy; not so much for what he did, but for what he could have done, should have done to assure American democracy and its constitutional way of life; and even more for his lack of fortitude to face off an unswerving Iran.

Rather than launching legitimate negotiations, with a willingness to concede positions on pivotal war issues that include Iran’s: 1) perceived proxy based terrorism facilitated by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad etc.; 2) perceived human rights abuses; including hostage taking; 3) perceived destabilizing militia sponsorships located in Syria, Judea and Samaria and elsewhere; 4) sophisticated intercontinental ballistic missile development and testing; 5) strategically located missiles and drones stationed allegedly throughout Lebanon, as well as rockets housed within Gaza; each presumably intended to eventually challenge its avowed enemy, Israel; facilitated by its recentl launched satellite guidance abilities; and 6) iinhibiting of accurate monitoring via the International Atomic Energy Agency nuclear inspectors, accessing ‘all’ Iranian nuclear sites acknowledged, suspected; operational and those in overt/covert development.

President Biden appears to rush a shortcut. But why?

Still, it was and to a degree may yet be hoped that Biden, as well as the other Vienna conference nations that include France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, the European Union and the US will come to their senses and reassess before allowing Iran’s monetary demands; if;

1) Iran is more reliable now than it was in 2015?;

2) America can be safeguarded from adversarial use of the hundreds of billion dollars the U.S. will allow to flow to Iran from being used against America, or our ally Israel. At least it should come with enforceable restrictions of use oversight; and

3) Biden can be counted upon to keep his pivotal promise to Israel. “The United States will… never allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon?” Talk is cheap and therefore to demand specifics as to how he would enforce such?

The following remaining concerns may likely not be known unless and until Iran assumes a wartime footing. They include:

-Is Iran developing terrorist infrastructures within Syria, Gaza, Judea and Samaria, while transferring strategic weapons including Drones to Hezbollah?;

-Is Iran putting in place this infrastructure so as to facilitate eventual attacks on Jewish and Israeli targets; in the Middle East and elsewhere?;

-Is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (I.R.G.C.) force, as well as Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Houthi movement in Yemen, and militia agents in Iraq, Syria, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (P.I.J.), and the PA and Hamas on active alert to strategically engage their suspected enemy forces: Israel and America, when called upon?

How can President Biden so easily dismiss his responsibility to guard America’s security, while ostensibly dismissing the menacing circumstances reported by a number of news and intelligence sources on March 21 and 22 (2021) that alleged potential threats sourced to Iran to target Fort McNair, a US Army post in Washington? Add to this its alleged threats to the army’s vice chief of staff, on base allegedly proven credible; as well as the more recently alleged I.R.G.C threats towards President Trump appointees’ Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, as well as to the former president, himself.

In the face of the above, is it wise to reward Iran with its demanded incentives and sanction removal through means that avoid the mandated Congressional Review?

I for one, think not; as the stakes are too high and the risks too great to ignore or minimize Iran’s fearsome capabilities, both nuclear and Drone proven terror capabilities, which the US and Biden can ill afford; since the relatively recent debacle of purportedly abandoning the citizenry of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

From its part, Iran may likely view America’s weak commitments as the incentive to act on its apocalyptic pledge to takedown Israel. It may conceivably then go after the other nations who stood by the Jewish State; most assuredly the United States, whose very constitution appears to run counter to Iran’s raison d'être.

Fortunately, we have experienced representatives serving in the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations and House Foreign Affairs committees. By trial and error each and other elected Congressional Representatives hopefully have learned right from wrong and will never yield to pressures from a political agenda that may enable a dark adversary, without the benefit of any legally binding written and signed agreements as intended by the “Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act '' of 2015.

I trust that these folks will keep to their sworn oaths of office and protect the great republic of the United States and its venerable constitution from all dangers: overt or covert; from all enemies, foreign or domestic, even as the American President appears to succumb to a path laced with danger.

Bruce Portnoyis author of the Geo-political thriller novel, First the ‘Saturday People’, and then the…; and a contributor to Israel National News/ Arutz Sheva; Jerusalem Post and other respected media services